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Speech vs. speech You would think executives and professors would have a basic understanding of the Constitution but as demonstrated in the opinion piece, The First Amendment embraces video games, obviously they don’t. It is not all their fault. The Supreme Court has done its best to marginalize the Constitution over the last century blurring the line between constitutional protections and legislative authority. The US Constitution provides protection against government persecution. All other rights enjoyed in a free society are inherent rights subject to legislation. Citizenship requires subordination of some inherent rights to legislative authority to insure a stable and secure environment in which citizens may enjoy and practice their freedoms. Constitutional Speech does not mean expression, pornography or money despite court rulings because the Supreme Court is not delegated the power of judicial review by the Constitution. Libel, assault and perjury are inherent rights of speech subject to and restricted by legislation. So constitutional protection of the Right to Free Speech is the ability to criticize the government by written or spoken word without threat of persecution while the right to speak in a free society are all other forms of speech, expression or communication that are subject to legislative authority. Davis Jones


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