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if you have nothing to hide why is it such a big deal? they are the schools lockers, not yours. the only thing that is yours, it what you put in the locker. and if you are smart enough they only thing you would put in there would be for school use ONLY. as for cellphones, how would you like it if a teacher was texting during class and not paying attention to you if you were asking a question? this isc commen sense. not everyone uses it but a little fun fact, EVERYONE has commen sense. so instead of making teachers out to the be the bad guys, look at yourself, if your stupid enough to bring illegal things into your school where a sign SPECIFICALLY says DRUG FREE ZONE, then your asking for it. so before you start ranting and raving about "if they dont pay for the bill" and they dont have the right. you YOURSELF bring it on. no one said to bring drugs into the school. no one also said taht they should search lockers, but hey YOU GO TO SCHOOL WITH A LOT MORE PEOPLE THEN YOURSELF. they are looking out for everyons needs.. so how about you actually THINK before you speak.. Just saying.


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