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well, i have been researching alot here lately. because my daughter in the 6th grade was in gym when she did a flip on the mat & her phone fell out of her pocket she picked her phone up & she said she looked to see if the screen was cracked because it had fell of the mat . her gym teacher came & took her phone . the teacher put the phone in the office . at the end of the day my daughter went to get her phone & the vice principal told her i had to come get it . & she said ok . well the next day i got a call from the vice principal saying i need to come into the office . i went into the office seeing two police men and both of the vice principals . turns out the vice principal had read all of my daughters texts , went through all her pictures , & looked at all of her videos . (without my permission or police permission). i was so dissapointed in my daughter , because of the content on her phone , they suspended her for the rest of the year . but were they even allowed to look through her personal property???


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