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Hello. I am writing a paper for college regarding locker searches. I am required to have interviews. So if any of you would not mind, could you answer these questions, and e-mail them to me at Thanks!

What is your name?

What date is it that you are filling this out?

Are you a teacher, student, parent, or other? (If other, please be specific)

What do you think about locker searches?

Do you agree with the use of drug sniffing dogs being used on school grounds? Why or why not?

Do you believe that if a dog gives his handler a positive signal for the scent of a drug in a locker, that it is or is not violating a students rights? Why or why not?

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that lockers a school property and therefor are acceptable for searches, even the random ones?

Does the safety of the majority of the kids at school mean more than the privacy of one?

Have you had any encounters with locker searches or drug-sniffing dogs that you would like to share? What?

Any other information that you would like to share.

*By filling this out, you are permitting me to quote you in my paper*


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