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I think what's ours is ours what's there's is there my body is my mine pants are mine my shirt is mine along with my boxers, shoes, and sox's they don't own me or my stuff if I had some weed on me so what if I had a gun it was for my protection because I felt threatend at school a place were they say is safe teaches made these probs no kid just wakes up saying I'm gonna kill so people its for a reason maybe a bully maybe someone said they wanted to kill me it's mine the constitution say I can protect my right from the government and most schools are owned by the government and when they ask to seach my bag they don't diserve the ability to because it's mine they should not be able to search a locker I will explain why later in this post but if you hide a gun or weed in your locker your just stupid any ways but also I don't ask to come to school the government makes me the schools and the boards you know why because the schools and boards want money other wise they wouldnt car about us they want to make them self look good so they try and search us for no reason when we all know they smoked pot or held a gun before they were just like us they think they own us along with the schools well we pay taxs for schools we buy food clothes and that taxs money goes to the government and the government gives our money to the schools and to make new lockers ooo well guess what those our property in away to that's all I got to say and if you agree thanks. If your gonna be lame and judge spelling and stuff and punctuation mark you truly lame. (:


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