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I worked for a community college for almost 6 years, ending on july 19,2011.
based in their"so-called investigation"
prior to this investigation I was getting treatments and procedures done, as well as I had be hospitalized 5-6 times in the last 3 yrs of employment.
my PCP doctor and ENT doctor referred me to a specialist for obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. i tested positive for both. as well as multiple other health issues cipd,asthma, chronic pain n hip,neck and back, so there fore i know i became a liability risk to them.
HR called me in along with my VP Supervisor stating accusation had come accross them regarding illegal drugs, they asked if i would do a random, of course i agreed, we wentthat exact moment andtexted positive as i knew i would...i got called in twodays later was asked 2 questions, then told they would let me know. by the thursday, then that thursday i was informed at the end of the day I would have to wait two weeks for their decision because VP was going on vacation.
in the meantime my physician, treating me for narcolepsy had wanted to disable me 3 months prior but i refused becuz i loved my job!until one day i feel asleep driving from work to grocery location to get supplies for work, and almost had a headon collision.! i then realized i could not jeaparodize other peoples live, so i submitted my disability form to dr, he ststed it would take a few weekks to complete n there office would contact me when completed.
while waiting forthat i continued to work but always took an employee with me when drivin or sent someone else.
in meantime this investigation popped up, and when VP returned they fired me based off thr investigation!
I was and still am devastated, i did get my short term disabilty and its rolling into long term now, but according to the underwritten policy the long term amount is not right! it want even pay all my medications!.
my itenrtions were that once dr office nitified me paperwork was complete i was going to give notice, as much and as long as needed.
my finanncial status is a mess, but the humiliatiom, and that fact that people on campus knew this was gonna happen b4 i did, i feek violated my privATE RIGHTS, mistakes...
i want my
reputation, dignity, back.
to be compesated for the hardship and humiliation thy have put me thru
even tho i cant work i want the people to know i was falsely accused and terminated over my health, and the hippa law was violated and my life has been in tormeol since...
i apopogize for typing errors
as i dont feel well
im fiximg to lose my home and all i have

sincerly cindy wood


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