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I just moved into an appartment 3 months ago. I am on social security because I was in a car reck that broke my neck in two places and deal with cronic pain. I lived in a 3 bedroom house for 8 years and a two bedroom two story for 4 years before that. After having my second son I was in an automobile accident that btoke my arm, ankle, and neck in two places. My oldest son turned 18 and moved out. The three bedroom was to much and I just couldn't take care of the yard. So my 12 year old son and I decided to move to a one bedroom appartment. I made the dining room into my bedroom and let my son have the bedroom. The first month was great. We are on section 8 and even though we could have gotten a two bedroom house or really nice duplex, I figured that since California was in a bad money situation that we would try and help by getting a nice little cheap one bedroom. The owner is very nice, the manager that doesn't live on site is a very nice manager. But there is one problem. My next door neighbors. My son and I are Christains and my son made friends with a 7 year old that lives next door. The boy was over our house playing x-box with my son and asked to borrow a game. My son does not loan out his games. When the boy went home my son noticed that one of his games was missing, so he went next door and could here the game being played inside. my son knocked on the door and all of a sudden the game went quiet. The boy opend the door, my son asked did you take my game. The boy said "No". So my son asked if he could look inside the kids X-Box. The boy said "Ok." There he found his missing game. The boy said he was just borrowing the game. So my son told him he could not trust him in our house anymore and told him he could not come over. The mother and the father fight all hours of the night and day. Saying things we are affended to here and we can here the boy calling his mother names, bad ones. So now I don't want my boy going over there house and she doesn't like that because one day her son will like my son and another he is calling him all kinds of names. My son can not even sweep the porch without being bombarded with all kinds of name calling. I also had to remove a 2000 dollar stereo out of my car and sell half of it because the dad really liked it and wouldn't keep his hands off my car. He would wash it without my permission or wash the windows. I think he was trying to check out my alarm system. So now i only have the stereo dvd player hidden and can't even enjoy it, because he go mad and i heard him say well i will just go out to that car and take it. I have told the manager and he said one more hole dug by there dog and they are gone. so they got rid of there dog. I can't sleep because they fight all hours of the night and day. I am about ready to go to college and dont need this stress. She does not believe that her son is folllowing my son around the complex calling him all kinds of bad names, even though he screams it out where the whole complex can here it. and she yellls at my kid saying he says bad things to here kid were no one can hear it and her son just blow up and calls him names. He calls him names because I won't let them hang out together and that kid does not have any other friends. His cousins father even told his son to beat up my son for not being that 7 year old boys friend, but the boy doesn't want to and told my son. My son doesn't want to fight anyone and my son doesn't like the way that 7 year old talks to his mom and dad. I told my son that is none of our bussiness and that we should just pray for them. My son can not go out side without being hurrassed and we can not get any sleep, plus the horiible language that is being bellode out of that appartment. I made a complaint added to many others thaat have been complaining. The only thing that happens is that they get a verbal 30 day notice that is always taken back. The father of that house says he runs that appartment complex and it seems they do. What can i do to get out of this lease, because not only is it horrible for my son. I won't be able to study to become a nurse at this time because of all the dramma. I want off socail security but i can not do the Job i used to do working for the state payving roads and painting them. all i want to do is better my life and get off all the government assistant. also they are gang used to be gang members. What do I do? VERY UNHAPPY IN OUR NEW HOME. i also think hat if they get kicked out they will take it out on my gar>


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