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My boyfriend and I are in our early 20s and I have a 3 month old daughter we just moved.into a 3 apartment building and we live on the 1 st floor our neighbors are older and have been complaining to our landlord saying were loud and i smoke in my house. Which were very quiet ppl and I've never smoked in my apartment because of my child and I dnt like smoking in my house it damges things. But my landlord I need to stop these things and I told him I can't stop something I'm not doong and he didnt seem to believe me and I always asked the neighbors if they have any problems plz come tlk to me first and they said were very polite and quiet so I don't understand why there complaning to theandlord I'm very worried I'm gonna be evicted for something I'm not doing. I just think the older tenats don't want young ppl living in the building what should I do?


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