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it is a real shame that honest people have to pay twice. The courts are worthless and we need to have laws protecting honest people like us. If some one did the crime why should we care if they have to support kids. We also have to support kids as well. A woman rented my property and did not pay her rent and broke up my property before moving out. She gets food stamp,ssi and lives with her boy-friend (this is why people don't get married) I ow know what I can do as well. I am so angry with this country and their stupid laws. But I am an honest person and can not rob anyone.
still has not collected on my 4000.00 judgement and the lady is making more money than me and my husband put together. She knows this and the law and said she will not pay because she just does not want to not reason. she said she just want to make us mad. well the flipping laws sucks.


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