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I wanted to know how I can get my three girls back. They were taken from me from and given to there dad by court. At the time I was not working or had transportation. In court he lied about everything but I did not have a lawyer like he did and they granted him my girls. When he took them away was not good. My girls were taken away from me since 2008. My girls have been want to come home they write letters to the judge so i can take but dont know what to do. My girls have been throught a lot with him. I have a picture my daughter sent to me that the step wife took of them naked. My daughters are not babies. My oldest 12, then 11, my youngest 9. He hurts them in ways that i dont think a father should do to children. I have video that my daughter took of the step mother hitting my middle child to wake up to go to school. I have had all this information for a long time. Till this day my daughters want to come home but are afraid to talk to a jugde about there dad cause they are scared. Please help me. I want my girls back. I have a job now, a place to live and transportation. My daughters mean the world to me and i want them back and they want to come back.
People have told me let my girls speak to a jugde but the live a bit away. That they are old enough to speak and tell a jugde where they want to stay is that true? can i get them back that way. please help anything will help me start.


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