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My son dated this element and she made sure to get pregnant by him because she never had anything in her life and she thought he was rich only because he lived with me and I have a nice house, because I work hard, and she moved in right away, when I found out she was pregnant I was in a state of agony. This element is nothing but trouble & lazy.
I only met the baby after DNA was done because she told me that she was molested by 2 of her cousins that live in the same house she did from the age of 11 until 22.
When she told grandmother about the rape the grandmother told her she had to forgive these mf. Now this low life
piece of crap is my grandaughter's mother and she does not take good care of the child or herself(drugs) she only uses people. So I put her out of here. My son wants custody. The courts always favor the mother. What do I have to do next?


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