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Hi, I need a lawyer due to the attorney's ive hired are in with the domestic's dept. The director told me in 1997 that he was going to put me in jail and that I was lieing about the childrens father molesting them. This director was a Juvnille officer at the time and now director of domestic's relations. I 2008 & 2009 my daughter was hospitalized, and said that her father had beaten her and raped her. cys did nothing cause she has a hard time talking about it. When this happened I called the director and told him off! since then I received a letter stating it was that time to have child support reviewed, it went down 250.00 amonth for two children so that is 500.00/mo. I fought it and they told me that it is the way it is and there is nothng i can do.
Paid two local attorneys, and they did nothing I was so shocked!!!! they said they would and when we were in a hearing they said nothing. Please help!!!!


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