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My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl nine months ago. We were broken up when she learned she was pregnant, six weeks into her pregnancy we got back together. Since then we have decided that we want to get married and our daughter is everything to us. We both believe that I am the bio father, yet there is a chance that I might not be. No one was listed as the father on the birth certificate. The other man that could possibly be the father is not involved in my girlfriend or our daughters life what so ever and he never knew of the pregnancy. There are no concerns that he would ever want to have anything to do with our daughter. We have not had a DNA test nor will there ever be one, she is my daughter either way. She was given her mothers last name at birth. Like I said we plan to be married but there is no rush. However, we do want to go ahead and change our daughters last name to mine. We are want to know what forms are required and what steps we need to take in the state of SC to do that. I have heard that here in SC we would have to have my name added to the birth certificate as the the father. I wanted to know if that was the case and if my girlfriend has to have some form of a living well?


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