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I reside in Iowa with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. I was never married to the father of my child and we never lived together and were together only for a few months. The father of my daughter is on the birth certificate and we just finished a 3 year legal battle to determine custody and visitation. We share legal custody but I am the primary custodial parent. His approach in this matter is treating her like territory and he confuses her about her surname and states her real last name is his even though on all legal documents including her social security and birth certificate lists my last name as her legal name. My question is can he petition the court to get her last name changed? He is confusing her and now she doesn't know what her last name is, as before she was proud to state her entire name and had confidence in stating it. What does Iowa law state for legal name change? Again, I was never married and intend to keep my last name for her benefit and less confusion for her.


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