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My ex girlfriend and I has a 5 year old and we have joint custody and she has visitation rights of every other Saturday and alternating holidays only. She is very neglectful and I have documentation proving such. in the past she neglected to take him to have surgery he really needed and has refused to get him help he need for his speech and developmental delay. She also has 3 other children all by different men and she has no idea who their fathers are. But that is irrelevant I mentioned her other children to say she took pictures of her 6 months old playing with an electric plug and posted it online. There have been other instances but we would be here all day. Well here is the point my son told me he was molested and some man played with his rear end and his male organ . I immediately got him to a doctor, and contacted cps. They ran an investigation and it was dropped because he didn’t know the guys name as she has several strange men that she meets on the internet in and out of her house. A few days later he touched my youngest daughter in her private area by him I mean my son because he was copying what happened to him. CPS then opened a case against me but it was thrown out bc they are children. I don’t blame her for the actual act but my son adamantly states he told her about it and her reply was i will never let anything like that happen again. She refused to contact the authorities and she denies it ever happens to everyone else. As a result i got a lawyer and I am suing for sole custody with supervised visits. I’ve been told by several people because she is his mother im wasting my time. Does anyone think i have a case and that this thing will really be in the best interest of my child by never being put in this situation again?


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