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After reading this i have to say, dont be so quick to judge. I have a stepson with a similair situation, he left our care at age 14, against our will. In short, his father passed away and he was manipulated into to staying with his stepmother...who by the way, recieved his ss benefits until his 19th birthday.

My stepson was unfortunately manipulated, he was turned against us for no logical reason. Our attorney, dcf and even judges involved in our two year battle where baffled by his obviously bad decisions and were frustrated by the fact that state law, at age 14 gave him the right of choice of guardian.

Since that time, numerous attempts to restart our relationship with...sometimes initiated by him and sometimes by us...all ended in dismall failures. It has resulted in incredible emotional pain for our family.

He is know an adult, fully capable of making his own decisions...we can no longer blame the aweful person who took him away for his actions. He continues to act hurtfully towards us.

Before you condem the above poster, i will tell you, a child CAN go to far and there are circumstances that do justify actions of the above poster. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you hop on your pompous throne.


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