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I am 19 now. My mom and my step-dad were together since she was pregnant with me. I love my step-dad and think of him only as my dad. I have done research and know that I can have him adopt me as an adult and I am planning to do that.

There are two possibilities for my bio-Dad.

Possible-Bio-Dad-A was always in my life and acted as an uncle but unfortunately he passed away 5 years ago due to cancer.

Possible-Bio-Dad-B I have never met and never had contact from (or anyone from his family until) until a month before I turned 18. He contacted my mom only through legal harassment (a term used by some of the court rulings). We did not do the adopting when I was a minor because Possible-Bio-Dad-B would have fought to not have his rights terminated even though he had no interest in acting as a parent, paying child support, etc.

I have contact with Possible-Bio-Dad-A's mother and she acts as one of my Grandparents. She has no other children. Is there a way to "Adopt a Grandmother" without terminating the rights of my existing grandparents and step-grandparents?

To clarify: Planning to do adult adoption by my step-dad so he and my step-relatives have all the legal standing that goes with it. But is there a way to give the Possible-Bio-Grandmother legal standing?


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