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im a married adult this is my story im a 47 years old adult was told about my father who was never around while i was growing up only with my mother since one year ago now i have reunied with my father we have meet and the family has taking me in the family my mother is very ill right now i have very little more time with her so she told me about my father again so i been looking for him again and i found him after all those years and how we had a dna test and sorry to stay hi is not my father that almost killed me but my mother say to me that he is but what can i do dna ? but this man i almost was told he is my father that is the only man i know as my father all my life and he was always thinking of me as his very own daughter now he would like to adopted me as his daughter so i may be able to inheritance purposes he always told his family that he has a other daughter and i will take care of her also can this happen that i may be granted that the father i always was looking for adopted me and gives me his name im so happy to have him in my life finally i found my father in my heart he is my father dna is only number father is only one as long as he wish me to be his own daughter my family and my spouse are happy for me and are in my said


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