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Hi there, I'm almost 21 yrs old & am living in the state of pennsylvania.. when i was 18 yrs old i ran into 2 wonderful ppl who run their own business, after chatting for a little while we came to an agreement of me living there for a summer to help with that business _ summer being the busiest season. for me it was an opportunity to get away from my crazy life and for them it was very helpful to have a 3rd hand. 3 yrs later im still here & we have become a tight little family just trying to get by everyday by running this business & ect. recently, with this couple now in their early 50's and having no children, they decided they would like to adopt me so they will have someone to pass the business down to eventually, as well as me having the benifits of going to a college university for free through the wife's connection with this college, & i would also be able to recieve insurance which would be awsum because i am not in the best of condition as i should b for my age. there basicanlly is just one concern i have with going through this whole adoption process, the husband was not born here in America but because he married his wife- an American, hes been able to stay here for a good 10 yrs & will continue to. i was just wondering if his specific situation would cause any kind glitch in the process of adoption??
plesae & thankyou u very much for your thoughts


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