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I was present at the birth of my daughter; Laura. Her mother was visiting from Mexico and went into labor at my aunts home in San Diego. She handed the child to me and said keep; America. I had my son a few months earlier and when she handed the girl to me I had to nurse her. My aunt was a midwife and we made sure to take special care in listing the date, time, weight, female and length of the child. On waking the next morning the lady was gone. My aunts landscaper was the father, but we could not contact him for several months. When we did make contact he was not in a position to take care of an infant and asked us to continue caring for her. She graduated from high school in San Diego and has been with us most of her life. When Laura was applyng for college we could not obtain a copy of her birth certificate and found that her father never filed documentation for her.

I want to adopt Laura. I need some help. we live in the tri-state area of California, Arizona and Nevada. Do any of these states allow for adult adoption and if so, where do I start?


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