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When I was 17, after my parents tried everything they could to get me to give up my baby, I wouldn't then they came up with the bright idea,let them adopt him and when I married (he was 5 years old)I could adopt him back, well that didn't happen.....I didn't want to tear up my child because of circumstances.....I have always wanted to adopt my son back, about 2 months ago, I told my son, 49 years old that I wanted to adopt him back, he gave a big nod.....Today, the adoption is final, we went before the best judge yet, the courtroom was cleared, but if people had been in the court room, I don't think there would have been a dry eye.I know I had tears of joy. He has always been my son, but now things are the way they should have been from the start. What a wonderful Christmas present.


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