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I live in Arizona and visited Pa. I found an RV that I was interested in on Sept. 1st and after inspecting it 2 times, I put down $750.00, on the morning of Sept. 1st.(in PA)
That afternoon we made an agreement to charge the battery and try to move the vehicle out of dried mud that it had been buried in up to the rims. At this time, my friend (and his Brother-in law, same person) saw an amount of water coming out of the bunk above the driver's door (Class C motorhome). Upon inspecting, I found all the wood in this area was waterlogged and I did not believe it was repairable, so I wanted my money back on the Rv. I learned that the owner was short on cash and spent the $750.00 on a outstanding propane bill and does not have the money to repay. I have tried to contact him through the brother in law and they are avoiding me. A friend of mine claims he is representing me and supposedly got him to sign a contract for repayment, but I have asked 3 times now for a copy to no avail.
I was finally able to get an address via the internet of the person. What course is advisable? A demand letter? anything else?


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