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a month ago, I called verizon to see if they were offering their new internet, cable and phone service in my area.
They said yes and I spent an hour or so putting my bundle together. The cable they offered in my area was direct TV. It's satellite; which, I am not so fond of but, the bundle they offered was fabulous. 2 days later, direct TV came and set up in my home. After they left, I phoned Verizon to see what I was supposed to do. They couldn't find my account. I spent the entire day, Nov 20th, on the phone with Verizon. It was my mothers birthday. No one would help me. They provided me a service that I found out late Sunday, they don't offer in my area. I wouldn't have had Satellite come in and put holes in my walls had it not been for Verizon. Direct TV said that the service came thru from Verizon as a bundle. I have spoken to the PUC, as well as Verizons customer relations. After being cut off from my phone and internet for over a week, I finally found service elsewhere. Today is Dec 16th. I finally received a call from Verizon. They are not willing to compensate me in any way for their huge mistake. Is there anything I can do to get some form of compensation? This was a disaster.


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