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My mother inlaw was hit by an electric wheelchair and broke her left hip two years ago at a local casino here in San Diego. We did have a local Law Firm who was going to reperesent her but they said about a month befor she had her court date that they coulden't take the case so they droped her. We did get a new court date set for April 2,2012, but they have gave us a settlement date for Feburary 21, 2012 for a settlement offer. I'm haveing a hard time putting a demand letter togeather. I know what I need to put in the letter but I'm not sure how to put it so it will be effective. I do belive I can prove that the Casino was Gross Negligencein letting this 99 year old run around in an electric wheelchair on a Ney Years with day with hundreds of guest's. About one hour befor she hit my mother inlaw she had anouther accident in the coffee shop or it's called a food court. Anyway she knocked down the display and was driving the wheel chair in a very reckless
way people were trying to show her how to run the wheechair but she just coulde't seem to get it. We do have three eye whitnes that saw the hold thing. The security was called but they said they just bstood by with their hands in there pocket, figure of speach. They let her to continue to operate the wheelchair, knowing that she was a harm to the guest at the Casino. Any help you can give me will be most appreacted.

Best Regards
Kenneth Rhodes


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