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I had a dentist pull teeth (2) that should have never been pulled and as a direct result of this damage have paid $7000.00 to date to replace and rectify the damage that this dentist did. Went back to old dentist in Redondo Beach CA and he is doing implants and crowns to repair my teeth. The dentist works and lives in Ventura County CA. I have filed grievances with Metlife Insurance thru LAUSD and Care Credit Company for billing transparency. To date: Care Credit has credited $534.50 to my account; Metlife has credited $484.50 to my account. I have also filed with the California Dental Board, American Dental Association, Santa Barbara Ventura County Dental Society all of which have opened claims and are currently addressing my claims. I went to this dentist's office w/my husband and presented the damage and the solutions; this dentist took no responsibility for his actions. Need advise whether to sue in small claims? Thank u for responding. Kathryn A. Williams


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