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How can an illegal alien obtain legal status in the US without marriage or deportation? The people I know were conned by a con artist at the sum of 25K US and when they reported it to Immigration they wanted to deport this family since they did not catch the real criminal posing as an Immigration Offical. What are their options? They speak English and write it well enough that I can understand them, they understand our government structure and process, they hold no allegence to any other country or government other than the US, they do not wish to use any public assistance programs and are willing to hold a Civil and some a military position in the US, they are hard working people and have commited no other crimes. The Immigration office failed to assist them in obtaining replacement documents prior to their expiration. The con artist took these social security cards of these people to make so called copies for documentation. Surely the immigration office can work with the Social Security office to see if their Visas, SS cards and other stolen documents are being used. These people initally came here legally. Dont we have the responsibility to protect those who come here legally from those entering illegally and committing such crimes?


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