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There is no doubt that it is unfair to US citizens for the illegals to benefit from the the money US citizens worked so hard to pay taxes for this Country to run smoothly as possible. The fact is when it comes to survival and live a better life & the well God gave them to want to live, illegals goes though detrimental risk to come here because they cannot afford to apply legally to come to US.

The Americans are benefiting from these so called illegals by using them for cheap labors which at times leads to abuse, they do pay taxes each time they make a purchase, many of them have been given a number so they can pay taxes. Illegals help stimulate the economy that creates jobs also for Americans.

These so called anchored babies makes American population bigger more powerful, many of them become part of military defense. Look at China is becoming so powerful maybe even more than the US because they are using their country and large population engage in commercial activities. This is what US government is very much aware of what illegals mean to this country.

The best thing for the US Government to do is allow these illegals to become legal, here to stay & secure the border, they have adapted the American culture already anyway. The fact is they are related to a lot of Americans, these will act on their behalf if they need to, this country can face another division that will affect the strength Americans have today. One of the benefits, taxes will come in to pay for Social Security for the retired Americans.


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