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I am 22 I've been here since I was 3 my boyfriend is 23 and he's been here since he was 1. We have a one year old son and we did not have him to use him as an anchor like they say. Well we are both illegal and our son is a citizen, we are barely able to maintain our little family because of being illegal. We both were brought by our parents to the U.S. from Mexico by the way we are both high school graduates. When I turned 16 I found out I was illegal because I wasn't allowed to get a permit to drive, I don't know much of Mexico only what I learned here.

We've been to a lawyer but she didn't give us much hope except that if a family member was a citizens and had filed some type of paperwork for us, I just recently found out my dads sister is a citizen but she's never filed for anyone. Is there anything we could do through my aunt? Also, some really good friend of mind want to sponsor us or adopt me. Is that possible?

Our lives are here we don't know where we would go from here if anything happened and I don't want to loose my son because of my status. I'm living in fear of loosing everything. What can we do?


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