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hi my name is joanna. ill be turning 19 next month. im engaged and i just learned that i have to get a marriage license to be able to get married and in order to do that ill need a social security.i dont have one. i am an undocumented person. not by will but i have been in the united states since i was about 2. all my life i thought i was from here til i reached 16 and wanted a job. my mother said i couldnt because i didnt have a social security. apparantly my mother brough me and my sister to the USA legally. i believe it was a border pass i still have the card. but what i would like to know if this makes it any harder or easier to become neutralized. i went to school, i graduated, i have a clean record and frankly this wasnt my decision. i was way to young to know anything about this..if you can help me with any information ill be gladly appreciated. i just want to marry this man that has made me so happy.


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