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i move here when i was 8 years old with my parents 9 years ago. and now that iv grown up here and learned the history and situation of my family i am wondering how to become a resident. iv been in school here since 3rd grade, and im sure i know more history than most of the people that apply for citizenship. i know the preamble and pretty much the whole constitution, i know why there are 13 stripes on the American flag, because of the thirteen original colonies and Jamestown and all of that, i know about the debt deficit... you name it i know it. anyways back to the point, i am about to graduate high school and i want to do something important with the rest of my life that will have a good affect on the us economy. so i don't want to have to leave after i graduate,plus i am currently with a woman that i am looking to marry in a couple of years, but i cant do that if i have to leave the country. iv been raised here, what am i suppose to do in Chile if i can barely speak or right Spanish?


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