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HI, I am currantly still legally married to a African from the country Ghana, and because of trust issues on my part i left the marriage with telling him . We were married 03/27/2007 and i left 06/29/2009 and we were going threw the court procedings to get his resident card because his visa's had exspired right before he got divorced from his first wife a month before we got married. sense i have been gone from the marriage for 2 years now i have heard that he has recently gotten re married in Ghana and has his resident card but i don't understand how he could have gotten those when we had not finished the court procedings we hadn't even had an interview whitch i know has to take place. so that is one of my questions? and the other is i have pulled up on the internet that he only has one divorce that is in the system in the state and 2 marriages so how is it possible for me to know if he went about getting his resident card the legal way without myself being there? And if he did indeed get married in Ghana and still hasn't divorced me here in the usa is it possible for me to get a divorce from him? Thanks!


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