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hello everyone, Im 23 years old and i have been here (USA) almost an 10 years now. My parents brought my sister and me here for vacation. But they fall in love with the country and though its better for us to study and live here so they decided to stay. They met with some one who can help us to become residence, so my parents payed him almost $10.000 in cash and next thing u know the person is gone. He took our money and our white paper (I 94), which they did not know its going to be so important in the future. now Im old enough to understand we are illegal immigrant, im trying my best to help my mom out. My dad left us because my college tuition was really expansive, because of my status. now its only me, my sister and my mom. I wanna help my mom and sister , also do something about my future. So can any one help me what to do?


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