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I have been here since I was 10 years old but my process has taken way to long, and I am 28 years old now. I went to college for 2 years, and I payed all of it using my hard work and effort working a retail job making 10 bucks a hour. I am smart and capable of getting a good job but the process of becoming citizen is really long, and I wish my parents would of stayed in their own country. I feel frustrated because I don't write and read portuguese. I feel that it is unfair to me to go back to a country that I don't know nothing about. I got money saved for retirement over here and legally that is my money I worked for it and that is my social security number also and I do pay taxes and I don't do food stamps either. I want my money That I work for also want to be able to get more education over here so that I can go back or live in another country. I don't mind trying another country and living their depends on the opportunity. I want to try canada but I think you got to be self employed or have your own business to get a visa. So my goal is to become self employed and move to canada get a citizenship and come back to united states because my bro is going to turn 21 in 3 years, and he is citizen so he can apply for me. The problem with immigration is that they don't want to help you get out of the united states. They just want you to get out. You can't just move to a country you don't know nothing about. What you can do for people that are immigrates is give them an option to go back by providing education and scholarships to immigrates. It is painful for me to live in a country that was made out of immigrates and they want to kick them out like the Indians.


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