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Hello.I m an international student living in united state.I stop going to school since last october just because i was not able to get a bank statement from my country to get enroll in my new school.My sponsor(the one who was suppose to take care of my studying here), travelled at that time.I tried to explain the situation to my advisor but she didn't want to understand.So she told me that if i dind't bring the bank statement within 4days , i will lose my statut.My sponsor was in a business trip.When he came back in our country after 2 months,its was too late according to me.I thought that i lose my statut.So i started to figure out how i can become permanent resident so i can finish with my studying.But i just realize that i can only loose my statut if i spend more than six months at home.And its too late.I already spend more than six months.A couple of months ago i went to see an attorney for help because i hate to break law rules.But he told me that he can't help me just because he never help a student before.I mean, I came in this country for a better education opportunity.So how can i do?


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