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I was with someone for 5 yrs. It was off and on for the first half. The 2nd half we lived together and things were great. I always thought that he was cheating on me and could never prove it 100% until I went to my doctors 3 days after we broke up for the final time and found out that I had Trichomoniasis, a STD. I was devastated. Never in my life had I been hurt so bad by someone I loved and claiming to love me. I went back to the doctor's today and he is testing me for Gonorrhea and Clamidia. He is treating me for these 2 other STD's just to be on the safe side. I was checked out a year ago and came back with a clean bill of health. I am not worried about myself, just worried about all the other girls he is currently still having sex with. He claims he never cheated and also that he was tested and found out the same day that he has nothing. Is there anything legally that I can do so this doesn't happen to someother girl and make him pay? I feel like he is a walking disease, a ticking timebomb, and any female who has sex with him is in danger.


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