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Mark, I feel what your saying. My ex bf gave me HPV. When I was diagnosed I immediately told him. He is an addict in many ways so him stopping from having relations with other women didn't cease. We are friends as best as we can be, even took a trip together recently. During that time he told me before passing out he had relations with someone other than a street walker for one night. She works for the govt like I do. I know also when he stops talking to me, that is code I am with someone. I happen to know who this is. I am not in love with him or jealous of this anymore. In fact, I encouraged him to find love, but be humanitarian and let her know so she had a choice. I don't think he is offering that up that he has HPV. I have the persons information to contact them, but am in a standstill thinking if I do, does this sound vengeful or jealous? Because I am not, but my conscience is killing me - because if another girl knew I would hope she would tell me. I am even willing to give up the ppwrk on my medical to them. Cervical cancer that this does cause is just as dangerous if it were something more serious like herpes. Now I see what you wrote and you probably wish one of her ex's would have come forward to you before you engaged. Its unfair what happened to you and I am sorry you became a victim of someone who wasn't honest. Please get your check up's for cancer. I think its less active of getting that in men though if that helps?


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