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Last year I met a girl on a social web sit & made a 4 hour drive to meet her. We walked to the bar. On the way back we sat down by the river & talked. It was difficult at times to hear what she was saying because her back was facing my stomach. Plus the sound of the running water. I vaguely remember her saying something but couldn't make it out clearly & when I asked her to repeat it she would not. We were at her house & were kissing. Her lips were tight & I asked if she would use her tongue. After kissing she asked me if I was happy now that I had herpes & then continued to tell me that she did it on purpose because she had a feeling that I mistreat woman & that she was doing the world a favor by giving me this. She then said that she hoped that I would pass it on the my family & she started laughing. Do I have a case even though I initiated the tongue kissing?


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