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Iseparated from my exhusband in 2003 divorce final 2005. During this time certain things just didn't add up or didn't seem to come together right. AQt first I thought I was just perceiving things differently, but when I had to retain three attorney's for same case then I knew "something was up" My first attorney had me sign a false document (I had no idea it was a false document)until I received a copy in mail stating that he "removed" himself from my case. That he coud no longer represent me. I had no idea why. and he wouldn't tell me. My second attorney called me two weeks before final court hearing that he "could no longer represent me" and would not be in court to finalize divorce. What?? He was in court lobby "hiding" in case I reported him. Why did these two attorney's back out?
Third attorney had to help me with alimony. That case was ongoing till last year My observation.. my ex divorced or had annulment years before without my knowledge but continued to live with me as man and wife. And they found this information and didn't want no part of the legal divorce documents letters etc. show two different spellings of last name for exact document. (two of everything) My final decree shows the "STAMP mark" on a blank paper not on the front of the decree. I suspect this marriage was annulled but I do not know how to prove either. we were "together 23 years" Maybe you can help
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