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Again our country shows it's racist and disrespectfully hand! NYPD stop and frisk policy turns out to be stop and frisk and disrespect black people! WHO IS NOT SURPRISE? Only 2% of the stop resulted in something illegal. But that does not stop the NYPD these are black people . America's Bo--ie Man" ! The constitution for people of color does not apply! None of the Supreme Court Justice that see reports on TV and news paper say anything about the abuse! There is no white leadership or law enforcement leadership stepping in and saying this is unconstitutional! White serial child molester and abuser are respected by law enforcement more so then black innocent citizen! After Columbine High School massacre occurred where two white teens murder 14 white people 1 black. There was no stop and frisk of white Americans! John Wayne Casey white murder 33 white young men afterwards their was no stop and frisk of white men policy! Given the history of white hatred and police brutality against black citizen! Only a idiot would allow law enforcement to stop and frisk just black people! Knowing their will be that one black stupid person that is going to be fed up and run! Innocent or not and the answer will be death for running! I thought he had a gun" I was in fear of my life" so we shot 41 to 50 bullets at a unarmed citizen SO -SAD TO -BAD should not have run! Where is the ACLU! Where is the President! Mayor Nutter ran of stop and frisk IDIOT! Just like pass Mayor Wilson Goode who burn down a black neighborhood and murder 11 unarmed blacks! Just because of one man had a warrant! Or the racist stupid sick lowlife Frank" Rizzo who murder unborn beat American citizen! This is a sad and tragic testament to the diminished moral fiber of American society. I am disgusted by this senseless stop and frisk of innocent Americans! Depriving blacks of the love and comfort of growing up without respect. I am deeply saddened. Today black men and women are fighting and dying in two wars for the freedom and right of these racist disrespectful cops SHAME ON US ALL!


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