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Jennifer you are wrong and from your comments, it is obvious that you have never been stopped and frisked. Within the last month I have been stopped twice by the NYPD. Both times I felt violated and harassed. I have an expensive European car and apparently I should not be able to own this vehicle. First incident, I was shoveling out a snowed in spot on the street and I had been there for about 15 mins shoveling. Along comes an unmarked car with no police lights on and two officers jump out and the first words out of one of the officer's mouth was "Is this car yours"? When I responded yes and then asked the officer why he is stopping me he says, "there was a car reported stolen in the area". He never ran my plates, all he wanted was my Licence and proof of ownership. No warnings were given, no tickets just a good old fashion racial profiling. This was actually the more calm of the two incidents because on Feb 24th I was pulled over in my car and one of the four officers in this illegal stop and frisk actually told me he had no problem with just arresting me tonight. He also made it quite clear that he had no problem in possibly shooting me by the way he unclipped his gun and held his hand on it the entire time. I have no arrests, no criminal record, I don't drink or do any form of drug but for some reason I was threatening enough for this officer to unclip his gun holster and keep his hand on his gun while his three fellow officers searched my car without my consent. I felt very violated and powerless at the same time. No tickets or warnings were issued again. By the way, the reason I was told I was stopped was because my inspection sticker had started to roll under a bit on my windshield. Funny how the officer saw that from driving behind me and they were in a van and i'm in a two door coupe. I guess he had special ex-ray night vision.


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