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On Tuesday May 1st 2012 I was stopped and frisked at an ATM machine. A white buddy of mine and I went to use an ATM machine in the meat packing neighborhood of New York City. (A low crime white neighborhood) I used the ATM first got my cash and stood to the side while my buddy got his cash. As My buddy was getting his cash 2 cops showed up in an unmarked Vehicle and approached us. One cop came directly to me and asked for my ID and the other cop went up to my buddy and did the same. But the part that made me sick to my stomach was that the cop that was detaining me made me put my hands on the wall, and started to search me, asking "do you have any coke or weed on you?" They did not search my white friend. They only searched me. Then the cop said What are you doing here? I replied "I'm using the ATM" and he said "wheres the cash then?" (I'm sure he noticed the 5 100 dollar bills that were in my pocket when he illegally searched me.) but with the Sean Bell Police shooting in mind (for those of you who dont know who Sean Bell is, he was a black male shot and killed by NYPD cops google the story) I just showed him the cash and my ATM Receipt. After a few more minutes of harassment they let us go, never searching my white friend, Just searching me the black guy. I knew the cops searched me probably cause they thought I was a drug dealer waiting by the ATM for the white guy to pay me for drugs. This was probably their reasonable suspicion for the stop. But the bottom line is that it was illegal and violated my civil rights. Even my white friend told me he never understood what black people go through with NYPD until that night. I am a black man I own a multi million dollar corporation and several properties in Manhattan and in Brooklyn NY, and I have been stopped by the police for no reason several times. This is racial profiling 100%. I don't give the police a hard time if I'm stopped because they carry guns and they will make things up to arrest you. Just like they make things up to illegally search you. Many of these cops are plain Racist some are from racist neighborhoods on Staten Island and Long Island. Including the 2 that stopped my friend and I last night. If you don't think Some NYPD police officers are plain Racist, and profile Blacks for search more often then whites then you should walk a day in a blacks mans shoes to understand.


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