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Being a professional (i.e. attorney) and a woman does not make you immune. I live in a small town with a police department of around 40 officers. We have little reported crime, and most of the time, you can find several police cars parked at the local diner or Starbucks. I live within walking distance of my work place, and I have been stopped a few times by police officers while walking down the main avenue (which is where my office is located) and asked personal questions. I have been told "I watch you in the morning while I make my patrol" and "where are you going now". I do not know if it is sexual harassment because no one has made sexual comments. I have no criminal history or arrests, so I do not understand why any police officer should take special notice of me. Someone told me that it is because I walk down the main street every morning and afternoon after work, and since I am not entirely unattractive, that makes me conspicuous. Also, I live with my elderly mother, who is sick, and someone else told me that some of the officers may object to "an adult living with their parents."


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