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Just to let all know-- LAPD is NOT discriminating at all-- today I was stopped and frisked on the street of an affluent area and I am a caucasian blonde haired woman. I called in as a witness to a gun shooting and I told the dispacher where I was located. I was walking my dog and they stopped me-- took off my backpack, handcuffed me and said "this is normal procedure-- we have to handcuff you while you are in the squad car." They took my dog and drove me up to the area where the shooter was and I ID'd the woman and the other man. They kept me in the back of their squad car-- parked just about 100 feet from the UN handcuffed friends of the shooter-- so they all saw me in the back and my dog was in another squad car back just barking her head off (a little lab puppy) TWO HOURS and 37 minutes!!!! I am now calling Parker Stanbury law firm to see what can be done-- oh and and I had a ruby broach on my blouse and AFTER the cop touched my breasts and my upper thighs I noticed the brouch had fallen off and I was handcuffed and asked the cop to look for it on the sidewalk and he refused. The let me go and my dog but I only got the name of the two officers but the police detective that was so inhumane and demeaning toward me-- I was refused to get his name. 2 hours and 37 minutes and I am the witness!!! I called 911. They took my driver's ID and looked up my background and then I was asked why was I walking on the street SEVEN TIMES!!! And then I was let go to walk away RIGHT WHERE THE SHOOTER AND HER FRIENDS LIVE AND WATCHED ME (I diverted to a different area instead of going straight home) and I was told by officer of LAPD Winger and Baunalos to NEVER WALK ON THIS STREET IF I WERE YOU... So I can't even go back and look for my brouche!!! What kind of society are we living in??? One where they want NO whistle blowers or innocent witnesses to come forward. BEWARE!


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