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Around 2007 I have filed a sexual harassment case against the County. I have a lawyer and the case has dragged out for four years. Accoriding to my attorney the county has offered me $ and my job or $100.000 and stop working for the county,and I lost all my benefits my vacations, my accumulated time from 18 years working with the county and I am currently under a doctors care. I really need someone to help me with this case. Please contact me if you know of anyone that can help. Thanking you in advance. What ever decition I take the $50.000 or the $100.000 I have to pay to my attorney the $40% according to my attorney.

The county sent me a letter accempting that they found some allegation sustantiated in my case, but my attorney didn't presented the letter the day of the mediation.

I believe my attorney is not doing his work, becouse the county attorney said that they didn't showed any proof on time.

Please, this has to be kept private and not to be shown publicly.

If you can answer in Spanish will help me alot.

Thank you.


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