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After a 10 impeccable teaching reputation with the DOE.
A first year principal begins sexually harassed me at the onset of the year. He called me during late hours, text me in appropriate message, and made degrading comments to me at school.

I told my UFT chapter leader for months, a day after I finally confronted the principal about how he was making me feel, he files false allegations against me, and in the reassignment center I sit.

The DOE has done NOTHING to make a minor attempt to investigate. 4 months after my complaint he called another teacher into his office asking to be able to "hug" her every now and then to ease tension "he" felt were between the two of them.

The Commission on Human Rights has filed a claim against him on my behalf. I plan to file a federal complaint. My principal is a sick deviant.

I am scared and I have no protection once the school year is over. He live close to where I live. He can just show up at my house, at the grocery store, and I am a sitting duck in my own community.


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