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can someone please help me...i worked at me job for almost 4ys was a store manager and my DM/boss started making unwanted commints to me, i did not say anything till i quit, because i felt that the company would do nothing and i would still haft to face him, beceause back last yr a store manager did file a claim on this DM for the same thing, and the company did nothing about it, HR or LP ever asked any of the female managers if this DM ever went out on line with any of us, so i felt like they would do nothing, after i quit i did meet with LP and report this, and i told them how i felt about them not doing nothing the first time this happin, and they did talk to one of my empoyee's that did state i did come to him about this, but they said need more proof, at first just wanted him fired, but after waiting and wating i did email LP and told him that if the company pays me what was owed bonus and all around $7600 then i would let this go, the legal dep for the company called me and said all they can give me is $5000 to drop this and never say a word about this or the company, dont know if i am doing the right thing, cause i quit my job because of this and now cant find a job, and he gets to keep his job and keep getting away with this, please help me ceause i half to meet with them on monday 3-28-11 to sign papers....


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