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I really need help I have no Idea what to do. I was employed at a small company and was sexually harassed by one of the customers. First he started with comments about how hot I was and ooo can you do that again whenever I bent over or anything. The next thing he started doing was saying that he would come to my house and do my household chores and finally one day when I was clocking out he started rubbing the back of my neck. Whenever he quit he turned and looked at me and said did it work? Not understanding I said um did what work! He stated that that was supposed to be a very arousing spot, I looked at him and said NO! He then stated well maybe we can try again some other time and see if it works and shot me a strange and very sexual look. Not knowing what to do I turned around a left the building, calling my company director on the way home. An employee and 2 customers were standing there when he did it and she told me that I needed to talk to my boss. Thenext day he started looking for me and my director had to hide me in her office under furniture because I was frightened of him. I talked to my owner late that afternoon and she told me that I needed to take care of it. She stated that I wasn't the only employee that went through this and that another girl used to keep an employee with her at all times because she was afraid of him as well, but I was the only one who had ever been touched by him. She continued to say that I needed to handle this not her! We have no sexual harrassment policy there and no policy saying how we as employees should handle the situation. The next day a customer went to my employee asking what was being done about the employee who was sexually harrassed. I know this because later on that afternoon I was called into her office where She yelled at me because I told a customer. I finally got a word in and told her that they witnessed it. She told me that she told me to handle him and to stop hiding and avoiding him that I needed to stand my ground and that they are great customers and cant afford to lose their business because they refer people and put a lot into her company and she doesn't want to say anything to them and make them feel uncomfortable so that they would leave! It was so bad that I left her office in tears and just felt awful that she talked to me like that! After I walked out my director finally talked her into calling him because she knows I'm not the type to stand up for myself. My owner came back in and called me outside and told me that she called him and told him in quote, " I have a 19 year old here that doesn't understand your practical joking and fells unconfortable when you joke with her so can you please stop" the next day he came in and rubbed my shoulder and told me that he was sorry he made me feel uncomfortable in the most sarcastic way possible. Not only had the situation not been handled right but she told me that he was a dirty b***ard and a pervert but she didnt want to p***iss him off and instead of saying employee she claimed me as a 19 year old. I felt awful and I wanted to do something about it but I was scared i would get fired and other employees told me that they agreed with me 100% that the situation was not handled right but to keep my mouth shut because they didn't want to but their job in jeopardy, 2 months later I was fired for violating company policy, whenever I started there I never recirved a policy handbook, but I signed a paper saying I had read the policy because they needed it in my file before state came. I have been screwed and I have no idea what to do about this please help me!


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