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hi, ive been at my job for 3 months and at first i just thought my boss was being just a nice old man , however he i fell used and sexually harrased by the way he touches me an dwans hugs ans kisse sosme time in front of certain workers the things he says and , follows me aske me to chnge things when he can do them , tells me i can make it big in this comapny , tells me have i eveer made this much money before so fast . i sick of it i wont to cry at night i wont to punch him for trying to use my liveley hood to feed my kids i hate this man . when he touches me i feel like running home and washing my skin off, i have not clearly said do not touch me but what doeshe need a sign on my forehead. if im not showing i wont this why oush. he told me my dead line is in two weeks this is after an army man came in the store and asked me out he looked as if he wonted to kill him.. the female boss is the worst she said she hired all these young girlsso he can look at butt all day so she can do what she wontes to do i hate my job ... but my daughters and grandson depend on me... our store evaulation is coming up and going away for training is up in the air if i dont give him what he wontes i may not have a job help me


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