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I was just recently let go from my job . The owner said it was because I had been late but proceeded to to spend the next 15 mins. Explaining how he had tried to have a relationship with me and I just kept growing further away from him I had worked for almost 2 yrs . From day one he always tried hugging and kissing on me always wanting to know if he could kidnap me n take me away to his bed etc. I have always told other co workers when the incidents had happened . This went on the whole 2 yrs of workin for him I even had one of the girls come down just cuz I didn't want to be alone with him he started locking up the bar she came in and he looked at me and asked me did I say anything cuz he said she was acting funny . He even went as far as too tell me one time how funny it was that he'd pry havta to deal with it if I ever filled a sexual harassment case cause it would be well worth it . I got a text message after leaving the day I got let go that the patron sitting at the bar was told as I was walking out that me and him (owner) could've been a item . Do I have a case


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