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My husband and I have grown a child care busness from 38 children to approximately 250 today. Over the last 30 years we have successfully added grades and relocated and built a new facility to address the education and care of children from Infant through Grade 7 (this year) to Grade 8 next year as parents have been requesting alternative choices to public middle school. We are finding that our comprehensive services for our elementary aged children are not accessible to all as tuition vs. public education costs have limited our student body to those who can afford the services. As we feel that our school as a whole would benefit the community more by offering a non profit elementary that is able to raise funds to offer scholarships and tuition assistance to the public who wish to choose an independent school, we are considering separating the two entities ( we are incorporated)retaining the Child care portion as the for-profit but branching off the elementary into a non-profit. Can you give us some idea if this is possible? Thank you.


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